I am a videogame developer who focuses on developing with player experience in mind, and able to bring a technical voice to design discussions. Examples of things I can help with include engine portability and modernisation, performance, rendering, and gameplay programming.

Over the years I've tried to stay close to the heart of the games industry, including participating in events as well as attending game jams as a participant or to mentor new developers, leading me to earn an honorable mention in the Develop 30 Under 30.

If this sounds like the sort of person you'd want to work with then find me using the links above or send an email. There's also a PGP key (C160FFEB) for you to use if the details of your project are especially sensitive. Alternatively, if you have a GamesIndustry.biz recruiter account you can see a full CV here.

If you're particularly curious you can find the source for this site on Github.